J.N. – Plant City, FL – July 6, 2011

I can’t say enough about the quality of service provided by A Home Maid Clean.  We were moving into a new house that had been left in horrible disarray by the previous owner.  The bathroom tub was so bad we thought we would simply have to replace it.  The maids came in and deep cleaned the house and it was unrecognizable from the condition we purchased it in… so clean it literally sparkled.  I was most impressed with the tub – they worked on it most of the day and it turned out so nicely I actually feel comfortable bathing my kids in it!
They are punctual, detailed, and get all the places that you would clean if you had time.  Much more thorough than any other service I have ever used.  The house even smells clean after they leave.  They are a little pricier than other maid services, but the quality of the people and the quality of the cleaning job they do far exceeds the cost in my opinion.  The owner came out to clean the first time – that is truly a personal investment in her company! I would recommend this service to anyone who asks – and I have hired them on to do twice monthly cleaning moving forward.

 S.L. – St. Petersburg, FL – July 6, 2011
A HOME MAID CLEAN cleaned our home in May 2011.  There were 3 women and they cleaned for 4 hours and did a great job.We were very pleased and would definitely recommend their services. We needed to have our house cleaned before having family visitors and called with short notice, but they were able to work us in to their schedule.  Thank you for a job well done!!!
I just called to schedule another cleaning day.  They did a great job cleaning our home!!!
J.C. – Riverview, FL – June 14, 2011
The initial communication was excellent and took time to explain how they worked, the prices and the estimated time needed. The owner and 2 others arrived promptly and we reviewed the areas of our 2 story house. They did an extremely through job, working for 4 hours with no breaks. They were polite and very detail oriented. The house looks amazing and we will be setting up a regular cleaning schedule with them!
B.D. – Lutz, FL – June 2, 2011
I was calling around to get estimates to have my 3000 sq ft home cleaned and even had a prior appointment for an estimate from another service when I decided to check Angie’s List and read a few reviews for this service. I am glad I did!! I spoke to Michelle the office manager of A Home Maid Cleaned, who listened to my needs and experience with this type service. She booked me for 4 hours the following week on the day that I needed without even coming out to see what her staff was up against. That in itself shows how much confidence she has and now I have in her staff.I needed them to vacuum carpets, dust, mop my tile floors, clean my three bathrooms and kitchen/laundry room, living room, dining room and family rooms. They not only covered what I asked them to do but they also did the mirrors,ceiling fans, the sliding glass doors and front door and mat outside.
Considering the fact they worked only four hours, they did an excellent job! I didn’t think that I would be so lucky to find a good service to help me. They were prompt and finished in the time that they stated they would. They vacuumed better than I ever take the time to do the job. It always looks and smells great when they leave.
After they leave I walk around and just look at the wonderful job they did and it makes me feel so good that I do not find areas that they could improve on. It is done right the first time. And I didn’t have to do it!  The two girls arrived on time and after showing them around the house, the girls quickly went right to work and never stopped until they were finished. After much time spent  scrubbing in my master bath shower, I was beginning to wonder if they would ever get my house finished. They had 8 more rooms to go. When I later walked in I was truly astonished to see the work they had accomplished. The shower stains were gone. I didn’t think that it would ever be white again. My husband and I have been seriously talking about refinishing the shower but the job they did is amazing!! My husband said it looked so clean in there that he was afraid to touch anything.They moved on to the master bedroom and polished all of my antique wood furniture to a sparkling shine. I really liked the way they start at one end of the house and thoroughly clean the entire room before moving on. I had a lot of dust and wood furniture for them to polish throughout the house. They cleaned and polished it all. They even did a few extra things like the inside of the bottom kitchen cabinets and mopped my floors with hot water and what surprised me the most was how clean my baseboard area was. I just thought WOW! My blinds were all dusted and cleaned and My dads room and bath  were done well too. They also use all natural products so I don’t need to worry about my marble surfaces and wood furniture.

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